Philosophy and Objectives

Community Preschool Provides:

  •  A safe, nurturing environment
  • Interaction with other children and adults
  • Learning through hands-on, concrete experiences using the five senses
  • Language activities to increase vocabulary and ideas
  • Problem-solving practice
  • Challenging but age-appropriate activities
  • Imitation and questioning opportunities.


The Community Preschool program provides the child with many opportunities to experience and experiment.

  The goals of the program take into account the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth of the child.

  The objectives include:

  • Physical Development balance  – eye/hand coordination – sensory motor control – rhythm – tactile awareness
  •  Social Development –positive self image-function as a member of the group-relate to other children-

      relate to adults outside of the-  family environment

  • Intellectual Development-learn colors-learn parts of the body-learn to recognize name-  spoken and written-increase vocabulary and

      communication skills-reading readiness-exploring natural environment (seasons,    animals, plants)

  • Emotional growth is a life long process.  Dealing with our feelings and expressing these feelings in an acceptable manner is a learning experience.  By recognizing children’s anger, fears, and frustrations, and helping them cope with feelings calmly, we guide them toward emotional maturity.
  • Although the teachers set objectives for the Community Preschool program, children are to progress at their own pace.  The child will play, because play is a child’s work. We provide the child with a stimulating environment, a variety of equipment activities, and adult supervision.
  • Large and small group activities, as well as indoor and outdoor play are part of the daily schedule.  Conversation circles, story-time, finger plays, flannel board games, puzzles, table activities, records, songs and science activities open new doors of learning.  We cook, take walks, and go on field trips.
  • Most importantly, the child will have the opportunity to learn that he is a child of God, a person to be valued for his own unique being (in accordance with the basic precepts of Christian Education).* Community Preschool should be a joyful experience.

     Making new friends, succeeding in many areas, and achieving a sense of independence and self-worth will create a

 foundation for future accomplishments.